DuckDuckGo instead of Google for search

Why should you use DuckDuckGo instead of Google as your default search in your browser? In a word, privacy. Gabriel Weinberg, DuckDuckGo CEO, states, “Google tracks you; we don’t.” 

To change your iPad’s Safari search to DuckDuckGo, go to Settings on your iPad, then select Safari, then select Search Engine, then select DuckDuckGo.



Notability Crashing

Notability Crashing

There have been some reports of the latest version of Notability crashing. I have asked for the app’s technical support to help with this, but so far the updates have not stopped the crashing. But good news: if you turn on Notability’s Safe Mode, it stops the crashing. Go to Settings on your iPad, scroll down to Notability, and turn on Safe Mode so that it shows green, like the picture.fullsizeoutput_169d.jpeg

How to maximise iPad space and safeguard your files

Making sure your iPad data and apps are backed up and safeguarded

1. You need iCloud backup to be happening regularly.  (Further instructions from Apple here: Be aware of the size of your iCloud storage. Go to Settings – tap on your name at the very top – then you will see iCloud near the top at the right and see what is taking up space in your iCloud. If you run low on iCloud space, your iPad will not back up. You need to fix this; here’s what you can do:

a.Click Settings – (your name)- iCloud – Manage Storage, and you will see how much space is being used by each app. what apps are using Get rid of documents, photos, videos, other things to free up space

b.Consider paying 79p per month for more iCloud space.

2. Back up your iPad to your own computer using iTunes for extra security; instructions here:

3. Back up your Notability. My suggestion is to back up to Google Drive because you can definitely take it with you when you graduate, and it is bigger than Dropbox. (NOTE: Backing up to OneDrive will not work.) If you have this Auto-backup working, you can get rid of Notability docs on your iPad and they will still be on the backup storage. This can help you save space on iPad.


4. Upgrade your iPad to the latest iOS you can. In general, upgrading helps your storage and also your security. Go to Settings – Software Update – And install any updates you see there.

Freeing up space on iPad

  1. Go to Settings – General – iPad storage
  2. You may like to implement the Recommendations such as Offload Unused Apps
  3. You will then see all of your apps and how much space they use. Make your judgments.

a.If you must have space now, just delete one or two apps now. You can go back to the iTunes store later and get them back for free.

b.Delete apps you do not want anymore.

c.Some apps are large because they are holding documents – iBooks, photos, etc. You can get rid of some documents to save space, and keep the app.

Terese Bird – Educational Designer – Leicester Medical School

Videos by Leicester Student Hub – especially for Year 2 CHDD

Are you a 2nd year student in year 2018-19? Then you will need to learn certain clinical examinations. You may find the new videos done by the Leicester Student Hub to be very helpful and relevant to your CHDD study. Note these should be treated as supplementary materials. Yet their simplicity and clarity will help you in CHDD and beyond. The Leicester Student Hub videos are a playlist within the Leicester Medical School YouTube channel. This playlist has been linked into the Blackboard site for Year 2 CHDD, and is being linked into every year’s Blackboard under the Themes – Clinical Skills section. The Hand Examination video below has gone a bit viral in recent weeks.

If you have any suggestions for videos you think would help you, either comment below or email and the team will consider it.

Terese Bird, Educational Designer, Leicester Medical School

Learning Embryology

Studying and learning embryology is a challenge, because the stages of development are hard for teachers and textbooks to depict, and hard for learners to imagine. But did you know that in our very own Dissection Room, there is a series of embryological models that you can look at? Just go along to the Dissection Room and ask one of the staff to let you see the embryology models.

In Cardiovascular, the following video was shared; it uses the technology of claymation to depict the stages of heart development.

Do you have any other learning materials that you have found helpful to learn embryology? Share in a comment!

Terese Bird, Educational Designer, Leicester Medical School

Using the Panopto app

When you click on the green Reflect symbol ReflectIconto watch and listen to a recorded lecture, you may get the option to download the Panopto app. Although recording will play just fine in your Safari browser on your iPad, you may wish to download the Panopto app. However, logging into the app is ever-so-slightly tricky. Here’s how:


After this you will see the familiar University of Leicester ITS login page. Just log in with your usual user ID and password. Then you will have access to all of your lectures on the Panopto app.

Terese Bird – Educational Designer – Leicester Medical School

Log into ClinicalKey when you are off campus

ClinicalKey is a platform which gives you online access to many medical books and journals. Your workbooks given on Blackboard will likely contain links to books using ClinicalKey. You can use it like a Google search which only looks at good, vetted sources.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 15.31.50

But can you use it when you are off campus — on placement, at home, on holiday even? Yes, you can. The video below demonstrates the steps.

1.Use a browser and go to (yes, there is an app, but it has less functionality than the browser version).

2. Click Login at the upper right corner.

3. In the resulting page, ignore the username and password; rather, click on ‘Other institution login’ at the right.

4. Where it says ‘Search for your institution,’ type in Leic and it should immediately find University of Leicester. Click on University of Leicester.

5. Now you will be at the University of Leicester IT login page. Enter your username and your password (same as you use for your email). And that’s it: you will be taken back to the ClinicalKey page and your name should appear in the upper right corner.

If it does not work this way for you, or if you have other questions you would like to see addressed, please leave a comment below, or email me on t.bird.

Terese Bird, Educational Designer, Leicester Medical School